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Blimp Rock

by Blimp Rock

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Something came in a dream flash today And I knew what I had to do Went out back, paced around And I called all the people I knew I said “Friends I need to know are you with me?” I'm gonna empty my bank account And if you're willing I could use your help And mom we never get anywhere when you shout that Blimps are a bad idea! You're gonna blow up everyone you love Blimps are the way to go when I take us up with helium (chorus) Blimp rock is going live by the lake tonight And when we rise up on a cool summer night Over Lake Ontario We'll have a show and serve fancy mix drinks For you to sip while we calmly float Dance if ya like, if not there's board games We'll book the tightest of cover bands And when the sun peaks up through the clouds You know the pancakes will be hitting the pans but Blimps are a bad idea! Don't you know about the Hindenberg Blimps are the way to be, don't be scaring the guests with that hydrogen mistake! (chorus)
In General 02:52
I would like to say for the record that I don't think it's much use to generalize except for kittens and certain extremist groups But when it comes to cultures, genders and places, I think discussing the whole is usually baseless I like Toronto, and I hear Montreal is nice I think that cultures are groups with some things in common but going beyond that I would suggest is a problem I don't like hockey unless it is on the street People are sweet, people are mean People are in between But oh... I think that places are areas with people inside, and the people your with might treat you unkind Well shame on them, but not shame on the continent I would like to say a couple things while I can about what makes a woman and/or what makes a man Oh that's right, I really don't have a clue But in general People go through, people go back People can sing on tracks But oh...
You can hear them at half past three, a noise ever so faintly Traveling across Toronto's Harbourfront until the horizon see's the first hint of sun They are people of safety: or so you tend to think When you frequent the beach, they ensure, that you don't sink (Chorus) They are Lake Ontario Lifeguards And they own the key's the mystery water cards Could it be the answer? To what goes on in the middle? What goes on in the middle? What goes on in the middle of Lake Ontario on a Tuesday night? There are rumours as to what they do, from informants via the Sea-doo Cocktail parties, video dancing, dominoes, the ultimate lifeguard party boat There's a race track on the deck, or so that's what I've been told But betting on horses is only half the fun when you're boat is bound to Buffalo (Chorus) Lake Ontario Lifeguards (The answer?) And they own the keys to secret water cars
401 04:34
How did this road? How did it get so long? I hear you can ride it right to, to the end, end of the world, that's right, I said The end of the world End of the world Southern Ontario End of the world? So put your portion on the wall, derive something if anything at all and we'll take it down the road where the law lets you go Only one hundred kilometers per hour And many people go, many people go 120 like my good friend and my driving teacher, who said I needed, said I needed more lessons when on the last one I drove past an exit Drove past an exit There were so many trucks So many trucks That's 18 wheels rolling down the road, and that economy has still got to grow When they get to 24 wheels you know they'll never go Only one hundred kilometers per hour Cambridge Kingston Chatam Oshawa London Napanee Mississauga Brampton Belleville Brockville Pickering Cornwall That's not all
Let's be honest you know I have regrets I've made mistakes Treated love like it was a paper towel and I had chocolate on my face (chorus) But it's the love that treats you right (that deserves a cheer) it's the love that treats you nice (that's worth future tears) It's the love that treats you right, that is love in the first place Let's be frank my dear I think it's best we call it quits I don't think you listen or like me that much but I'll miss your cute sweater jackets It's the love that treats you right (that turns me on) It's the love that treats you nice (that's going going gone) You can break up and still be friends It's the love that treats you well (that deserves a cheer) It's the love that gives back (that's worth future tears) It's the love that treats you right that's love in the first place
What's that in the sky? It's a big rock distracting you and I, from our night alone in the town I heard it broke up with the earth, or maybe the earth gave birth? But regardless, the old thing never comes down So now were holding hands and strolling down this promenade plantee You say “look at the sky it's just for us” and I complain that sounds sort of lame (chorus) Beneath the full moon, maybe romantic or maybe it's scary But no matter which way you choose it's going down tonight Who's that on the sofa? I don't remember that guy coming over? Oh that's right, it's a full moon Strange glances are unfolding, I find the silence quite foreboding The dogs are barking and that cat just rode away on your bike I should have known this day was coming something like a half a quarter ago Please tell me why is this awkwardly staring and drooling out our window? Streetlights flicker while we pass by in perfect time, I read this had something to do with the tide Now we're climbing trees and you're staring at me but I'm busy staring at the moon We're picked up by a draft, let's call it a luminescent sky path that leads to the fullest of moons But it's really quite a drag for it was just some dirt of grey it was the moon just the same only closer than ever before
Sometimes we find ourselves sitting around, forgetting who is waiting for who Lying here and staring at you's made me, forget what I wanted to do Lately we don't do much, we're lazy and out of touch, we've forgotten who we used to be cause all we do is watch TV Other people sure our cute compared to you in the morning Not to mention that doing the same thing, every date sure can be boring But who am I to kid, I can remember how I did, when I was on my own I mostly slept alone (chorus) I've got a bad case of the Monogamy Blues, I'm taking suggestions on things that I could do Cause I'm still with you You you you Monogamy Blues Your friends are cool kind of I guess but conversations can be hard I don't understand the inside jokes or the references to film noir And when I go and visit my own, the distance does really show, and before we even say hello They're asking “how is dating so and so” It used to be when we met my folks you always had the best things to say Now I don't know if you're even coming to the dinner of my cousins best friends sisters fiance And when we go and visit your aunts, the ones who go on right wing rants, tell me what you think I should wear, sleeping on the basement couch is unfair (chorus) Long ago when ambitions were high we tried to start a band We thought of names and tried on clothes but no instruments touched our hands Practices were cold and long, we never even finished a song We just went on debating and so it faded back to dating (chorus)
Band Breakup 02:44
What if we breakup before we start? Because we're playing the same old parts? You know the one's that we swore we'd never play again? The things you don't notice until after the end Because there's got to be an end, Yeah there's got to be an end! And pessimism is a defense mechanism In case we breakup before we start What if we worried all of the time? What if we worried the good from our times? Will we cry at all the parties where we don't kiss our crush? Will our friends leave early tired of hearing us fuss? I guess with time time we will never know But a good friend won't leave you on your own And if I think and think and think I'm scared of what I might find Don't want to worry all of the time, No What if the band breaks up before we start Because we're tired of playing the same old parts You know the ones that we swore we wouldn't practice again? The mistakes we won't notice until after the end Because theirs got to be and end I swear there's got to be an end And pessimism is a defense mechanism In case we breakup before we start
If my friends ran the government, they'd reward good bellies and laughing fits Tax adults who are mean and know better, kindly suggest they write apology letters If my friends did governing, they'd teach kids international financing Help economics make sense to us all, then quietly destroy it and they'll somehow move on (chorus) And when the fat cats come a stumblin' through my friends will hear them our and make sure they're wrong Cause their rewarding good behaviour giving baked good to strangers, sharing beers, having times If my friends ran the government I just might call their country mine If my friends ran the house of commons you could say goodbye to all your car problems Split the St. Lawrence down the 401, drift at your own pace to your destination If my friends ran the cabinet, they'd institute the proper kind of parliament Bootsy Collins and that fuzzy bass, you know they'd funk away excessive waste (chorus) If my friends ran the electorate, they'd pick up the pies and drop the ballots Let in all with open hearts, and they'd knit newcomers cozy scarves If my friends ran the government, they'd teach all the babies conflict resolution And they will grow up kindest of them all, and then my friends' government will finally fall
Oh, Baseball 05:37
In October of 93' in a city some call T.O A baseball was hit by good man named Joe Bottom of the 9th and of course, the World Series Game And the city some call T.O has never been the same It was a truly seemly special baseball moment I wonder if the city has really been so excited since Even if those leaves with the playoffs or just win a game Will the city some call T.O ever really be the same? Probably not, definitely no But that doesn't mean there can't be another Joe To make the people come together And sometimes people come together Like never before And the people come together Like never before Touch them all Joe Too bad it's just a game


“A straight-ahead smorgasbord of summer jams, skinny dipping, and salacious, wiry drunk rock. The group’s party-rock vibes are truly radical in their sunshine splendor. Sure to please even the more cynical connoisseurs of scrappy garage rock!”

"The Love That Treats You Right" video:

"Lake Ontario Lifeguards" video:


released May 28, 2013

Performed by: Robyn Letson, Peter Demakos, Claire Whitehead and James Bunton.

With Special Guest: Jess Tollefsen on "Lake Ontario Lifeguards"

Recorded, Mixed & Produced by James Bunton (james-bunton.com)

Mastered by Andy Magoffin (thetwominutemiracles.com)

Artwork by Sarah Mangle (lonelydogpublishing.blogspot.ca)

Design and Layout by Adam Medley (thepleasureisback.com)

Special thanks to Drew Jamieson for his tireless support and encouragement.


all rights reserved



Blimp Rock Toronto, Ontario

Toronto band with one simple task: raise $700K for a concert in a blimp over Lake Ontario.

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